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Explore the Alaskan wilderness with the help of Alaskiwi Adventures in Fairbanks, Alaska. You can read the details of our fun and informative tours on this page.

Shorter Dogsled Rides

Quietly slice through snow-draped spruce forest interspersed with open areas of frozen lakes and ponds. These five to six-mile tours take about 45 minutes to one hour depending on the trail conditions.

These are dogsled rides where you can sit or stand on the dogsled. Total tour time is about two hours (factoring in gear up with Arctic clothing and gear down). After the tour, you can socialize with the dogs and reward them with food snacks provided.

*Cost: $95 per person

Multi-Day Tours

Tolovana Hot Springs

This is a four-day and three-night trip where you will be trained to run your own dog team.

Day 1 is a four to six-hour run to a tent camp out in the wild Alaska backcountry. You will stay in warm Arctic oven tents equipped with a woodstove.

Day 2 is a six to eight-hour tour where you will be traveling to the hot springs. Once at the hot springs, you will stay in a cabin for two nights where the focus is rest and soaking.

Day 3 will be spent for rest and relaxation at the hot springs.

Day 4 is for traveling up the steep trail to the dome and out to the road system. This is a stimulating 11-mile trail with twists and turns and ups and downs. We will then arrive at the truck’s location and travel for three hours or so along the road system back to Fairbanks. We will have lunch at the “Ice Road Truckers” Hilltop Truck Stop.

*Cost: $2,100 per person (maximum group size – three)

Party 2  less 15% 

Party 3  less  20%

Remote Hot Springs Tour

This is a two-day and one-night trip. We will travel by dogsled or ski with a dog team support to the remote hot springs where we will stay in heated tents.

*Cost: $1,350 per person (maximum group size – two)

Springtime North Slope Caribou Tour

Overnight Tour - 

Drive your own dog sled in radiant sunlight. Watch the sunset have dinner and camp the night in heated tents. Mush out to road next day.

*Cost: $950 per person (maximum group size – three)

Two Night Tour

Dog mush into camp and spend first night in heated tents. Explore the area next day by dog team. Return to camp for second night. Mush out to road system next day.

*Cost: $1825 per person (maximum group size – three)

*Transport from Coldfoot and back $120 return for group.

Remote Logistical Support

This tour is for logistical trail breaking and camp setup. One of its objectives is to provide support for groups conducting business in remote areas of road system locations.

We provide trail, camp setup, and support for your operation either traditionally with a dog team or by people on snow machines. Customers for this type of tour are usually wildlife photographers, film companies, or people doing scientific research.

*Cost: depends on client specifications

Summer Tours (Packrafting/Hiking Excursions)

Explore the mountain and valley systems by packrafting in and hiking out or vice versa. These are road-accessible start and finish trips available in two-day and one-night excursions.

*Cost: $1,100 per person (maximum group size – three)

Summertime Dog Kennel Tours and Short Cart Rides

A kennel tour costs $20 per person and includes tea or coffee and snacks. A cart ride costs $30 per person.

Fitness Requirements

For your safety, individuals interested in joining our multi-day tours must meet our fitness requirements. Clients must have average fitness and be able to engage in physical exercise for up to eight hours a day.

*All Arctic gear is supplied for winter trips. Trip costs include all food and transportation.

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