Alaskiwi Adventures

Alaskiwi Adventures

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Who We Are

Alaskiwi Adventures is a small sled dog tour company that has been offering personalized tours for more than seven years. We provide shorter tours that last for a total of two hours and multi-day tours where we teach you how to run your own dog team. Our services are available in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Meet Our Owner

Our owner, Simon Mcloughlin, has more than 20 years of experience in a multitude of outdoor sports and activities. He was born in New Zealand and was lured to move to Alaska back in 1990. The wilderness, big mountains, and small population of good people are what drew him to the place he now calls home.

Remote backcountry travel has always been his passion ever since he was a young fellow. He has a background in hiking (or tramping as the Kiwis call it), climbing, skiing, and kayaking. Of course, present on that list is dog mushing, which he has been doing since arriving in Alaska.

Simon's Outdoor Adventures

Many of his outdoor exploits include climbing Denali and many other areas in Alaska. He considers himself lucky enough to have participated in several long-distance winter "wilderness classic” events by ski, where the focus is skiing and camping on a rough mountain course of over 100 plus miles.

Our Amazing Sled Dogs

Our dogs love people. They love to run and they love to explore the wild regions of Alaska. We have beautiful, big, and fluffy Mackenzie River huskies crossed with speedy Alaskan huskies.

The pack started with Simon’s two dogs, Smoky and Porky. He had skijored with them until Smoky was unintentionally bred by a neighbor’s 120-lb. Mackenzie River husky. What resulted was an instant dog team consisting of nine vigorous puppies in addition to the two frolicking girls.

Sadly, Smoky passed away while on a summer job camped on the banks of Yukon River. Simon’s friend Joanne later gifted him with a three-month-old "pocket rocket" called Shadow.

This speedster bred with Brownie, one of the original nine puppies. We kept four out of their six puppies. Thus, the family team theme at Alaskiwi Adventure continues.

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